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   My name is Grechushkin Yury, I head of school training practice astral exit. School for over 7 years and during that time, it has trained more than 7,000 people worldwide.


English | Переходов: 0 | Дата: 24.07.2013

Wise advice

    All have reached maturity, and most of all - personality. Today one of the
On the sage requires more than in ancient times from the seven, and in manner
with one person at the present time, we must more art than once with
the whole nation.
    Nature and culture - two rods, on whom flaunt all the advantages.
One without the other - half the battle. Little education, I must have talent.
But the trouble is ignorant that he is wrong about his calling in life,
in the choice of occupation, place in the land of their own, with friends.
    Operate covertly. Surprise - the key to success. From playing
open - no greed, no joy. Without declaring their intentions, the exciter
dish interest, especially where the height of the universal generates expected
Denmark, mystery surrounds the ideas and most of this mystery inspires the good-
Lenten Retreat. Even when you want to be ponyt, avoid the frankness and could not be
volaille all without discrimination to penetrate your soul. Silent restraint -
sanctuary of prudence. Announce the intention - to kill him, then it
find fault with ahead of time, and fail - will the unfortunate
twice. So, in the course of action imitate the divine, that is always
attract intense attention.
    Wisdom and valor - the basis of greatness. Immortal, they are granted
immortality. How many people know, so he is a man, who knows all-
being able to. For the ignorant - the world of darkness. Mind and strength - the eyes and the hands, and without
Valor wisdom barren.
    Suppose that you need. Not idol sculptor creates, and who idol-Bogot
vorit. Better let you ask for, than to thank. Relying on vile
thanks - rob a noble hope: how the first forgetful
so the second retentive. Dependent accommodating more useful: quenching his thirst from
source turn away, squeezed orange throw off the gold in the swamp. End
need - the end of the friendship, and with it the service. So be the first to your everyday
rule - to support the need for you, do not satisfy her completely,
let you in constant need, even crowned cartridge. But do not fol-
excessive secrecy is misleading, causing the neighbor below
evil for its own sake.
    The maturity of the person. Mature are not born, but the day-to-day Sauveur
perfections of his personality, sophisticated in the business, a person reaches the height-
necks maturity, completeness, advantages and benefits - it affects a
refinement of taste, sophistication in mind, in the solidity of judgment in
perfection desires. Otherwise did not manage to achieve completeness, it
always something lacking, others achieve it too late. Husband-vsesovershen
tion, wise in speech and prudent in matters, always pleasant to people scattered
mance, they want to communicate with him.
English | Переходов: 483 | Дата: 24.07.2013

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