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Archive video Astral Pilgrim

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Videoconferencing 26.06.2013

-Donation and astral output. 
, Astral - a reality, unreality and pseudo reality. 
, Feelings and emotions are in the astral plane. 
hierarchy in the astral plane. 
Targeting, and health. 
, again on karma and reincarnation. 
, How to stop worrying. 
How-back if I will end the astral energy. 
Astral-like reality. 
's Day and night in the astral plane. 
Vibration and astral-out. 
, fear is aggression. 
-How much time is necessary for access to the astral plane. 
, Positive - the quality of the gods. 
Prix raises the vibration feet to the ceiling - what to do. 
donation and astral-out-2. 
, inner dialogue or myslebred consciousness. 
, Astral - waking or sleeping. 
, Astral and Astral karate. 
Influence astral-entering the home zhivotnyh.Vliyanie entering the astral pets. 

Videoconferencing 25.06.2013

-What is health. 
astral-Can I help themselves in politics. 
-Can be used in the practice of astral holotropic breathing. 
Astral-and goal-setting in life. 

Videoconferencing 24.06.2013

Mnya closed-channel output to the astral plane - what to do .. 
-Sexual problems and astral projection. 
-Can I get lazy in the astral plane. 
, Can of astral influence on the physical body. 
-Can I change myself by astral plane. 
, in which position to perform breathing practices. 
, Astral and ideology. 
, Breathing practices in the astral output. 
, Astral - the impact of the music. 
, Somebody controls our access to the astral plane. 
, Astral, Akashic Record and Reincarnation. 

Videoconferencing 20.06.2013

-In what state of mind gets people. 
, Chakras and the astral body. 
-Why do you pay tuition. 
egregors-like look to the space. 
Astral, and spiritual development of man. 
, which grants the astral security practices. 
Hackers-About the Book of Dreams. 
-Can Does the astral soul to me to stick suicide. 
, Which of feature films is most similar to the astral plane. 
, What is your theme is different from the subject of Misha Rainbow. 
, Astral and basic science. 
-time in the astral plane. 
Astral, as the prospect of the development of mankind. 
-Tell about your meetings with Seraphim of Sarov. 
Ananerbe and astral-. 
-How to sleep 4-5 hours a night. 
-What types of energy in the astral plane. 
-Why do not you answer all the questions. 
How-egregors realize itself in the physical world. 
-How do you think of the hollow earth theory. 
, Atlantis and Hyperborea. 
, Can I make a transmitter between the astral and the physical world. 

Videoconferencing 19.06.2013

-Who better to go to the astral plane - men or women. 
-At what time uchshe start astral practice. 
-Why you do not like discussions and other topics besides astral plane. 
, weeping icons. 
-What prompted you to do astral teaching practice. 
-Why is difficult to force yourself to start exercising practices. 
-How to find your group in his home town. 
, What is the point of assembly in the astral plane. 
, Can people with disabilities engage in the practice of astral. 
, what statistics should be collected during astral practice. 
, Love and relationships the astral plane. 
, Can of astral influence the physical world. 
, Astral - is primarily PRACTICE. 
, you - God of his world. 
, including the brain - Astral requires understanding. 
Binaural-wave and astral. 

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