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24.07.2013, 15:24
Sit straight in a chair, look straight ahead distracted gaze to see everything around you in a radius of 180 degrees. In this case, the energy is disconnected from all subjects before my eyes there is light haze. At this time, all you need to feel your body and energy to note stains due to of any part of the body, their shape, and cold and heat, pleasantness or irritation. Through this exercise you learn to get out of the active action in the world that allows you to feel the power of influence on you or the work of your chakras. When a dangerous situation immediately think of your body, then you are not currently connected to this situation, and so protect yourself. You learn how to use the scattered look to see a glow around objects and people, and the overall energy of Amendments background, unexpected and sudden movements, the inclusion of new objects in view.
Working with a mirror
Sit down at 1.5-3 m from the large mirror and look at it absent-minded look. You should feel the perspective reflected in the mirror room, its depth and myself in it. At some point, your twin in the mirror as if separated from you, and you will see you another real person. It will change its shape, color and even disappear. For those who have a strong sense of fear arises this exercise should not be done.
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