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24.07.2013, 15:17
The eternal question, thrilling everyone: "Why am I here on Earth," when you ask this question to people, very few people can answer it. The most trivial answer is: "To educate children and leave descendants." People of the twentieth century, the bulk of forgot that they besssmertny. Is not immortal, poetically, but actually, physically. As long as a person does not realize that he is immortal, he can not find the meaning of life existence. It is applicable to such a man the Bible words, "I am the worm, and no man." If we trace the history of humankind on our official historical data, we can see that in the first place was a problem throughout the history of man's liberation from dependence of the surrounding material world. In the beginning - it is slavery. In ancient Greece, a free citizen listening to the philosopher, participated in discussions, attend the theater, and the funds received for the existence of slaves.
Then feudalism, at about the same system. And it's cruel guarded by religion. In the west - the same caste as in India, but in a different form. The main merit of materialism, capitalism and socialism, that the masses of providing people with the knowledge, do have access to this knowledge, and at the same time have their own leisure. And this is where the problem arises - how to use this free time? The fact that birthmarks
Spot capitalism entered into socialism in the form of a desire to attain wealth, forgetting the most important value that got the upper floors of the distant past - spiritual development.
And in the last quarter of the twentieth century, this omission in a hurry to make up begins. It is actively promoted by the fact that many of the people around us have abilities related to the paranormal, and not even know it, and if they do, they are silent, fearing that they would not put in the crazy house. In addition, in Europe, in contrast to the East, there is no single system that allows you to open your inner spiritual wealth. Parapsychology is possible at the intersection of religion, Art and Science, as once wrote HP Blavatsky, as well as the successor of its Roerich in his outstanding work "Agni Yoga".
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