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1. Parapsychology. ETHICS. The criterion of truth objectivity in parapsychology. VOID OF FEELINGS.

What is parapsychology. The science of man near future.
That is what we have become, our children, descendants.
The whole world, both external and internal, so squeezed man that he was the only one to go out into the unknown. In the book, Carlos Kastonedo "The Teachings of Don Juan of the tribe Yahn" don Juan said to his disciple: "The invaders have taken from us all, even life itself, and thereby made us magicians. We possess what is not available to Europeans" (paraphrase).
In man lies a huge reserve capacity, which still does not recognize and does not use the official science, although it is designed thousands of years ago. Modern science is looking for what lies beneath her eyes in the form of developed and fully systematized. The twentieth century - the century of mass media, so that it became possible to study the knowledge that used to be available only to a few and strictly guarded. What is included in parapsychology: thought-transference - telepathy, moving objects without the use of physical means - telekinesis, moving objects in space - teleportation, read information from objects - psychometry, recording statements of invisible beings - psychographics, diagnosis and treatment without medication and physical impact etc.
Burbot in his book, "The Past in the Present" means information flows around us at any time, in any place, and the opportunity to take this information directly. All this and will be discussed in this book. The first condition of release in the information flow, bringing their feelings in a passive state (feelings of emptiness).
What is the criterion of truth and objectivity of parapsychology?
1. The same phenomenon, invisible to others, they see several people at once.
2. Events taking place in front of everyone, although not fit into the framework of common sense.
3. Events and predicted a future date at a specified time.
4. A person is treated bioenergetically, without any external means.
5. The diagnosis of disease by direct examination of the patient and from a distance.
What should be a parapsychologist? Four profession, meet the requirements of the parapsychologist: doctor, teacher, lawyer, priest. Just like them, parapsychologist must accept people without personal emotional color, likes and dislikes, and do not distinguish people by race, sex or nationality. Not seeing a man in a criminal or a person holding high office.
On the same principle based training the senses to the perception of psychic phenomena. In the words of Don Juan - a man should not do violence to the world, just a little touch to it without leaving a trace.

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