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2.1. Relaxation

All methods are connected first, with relaxation. Good idea - to go to the bathroom first, if you do not want to be interrupted biologically (most know from experience that Spanier with a full bladder is difficult ... and out of body experience, too). Try to keep around did not have anything distracting, and make sure that you will not be disturbed. Good idea - to find a very

a quiet place to noise does not bother you. The use of ear plugs, especially at the first attempt, it is strongly recommended.

The human mind has a tendency to be distracted by the noise, especially when the person is trying to get rid of them.

Sudden noises and other factors can cause a "repercussion" - a quick return to the physical body. It's the same feeling of sudden awakening after dreamed of falling. Repercussion is usually unpleasant, and in some rare cases, it may lead to physical harm. Right thought - avoid them.

Loosen tight clothing, or if you would be so convenient - do not wear clothes. Must be comfortable temperature conditions - winter is a good idea to hide the covers. Ideally, there should be no time pressure (such as in 4.30 I need in class) and not have to worry about anything else (like my neighbor will come and will be looking to pinning). Throw out the theme of the material of the head. If you are worried that you may interrupt, better wait until a more favorable time to attempt.

There are many ways to relax. Everyone has his own technique. Below are a few methods. Experiment with them and find the most suitable for themselves. The usual result of relaxation of the one that people are not fully pay

attention to the external world.

2.1.1. Borderline drowsy

This is probably the easiest and most natural method that provides simultaneous usually relax the body and mind. Lie down in any comfortable position, preferably when you are tired and sleepy. As soon as you start to relax and fall asleep, keep your mental attention on something, keeping my eyes closed. When you reach the border state between sleep and wakefulness, deepen your relaxation, concentrating on the darkness behind your eyelids. The trick is to keep the fine line between the conscious and drowsy state.

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