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24.07.2013, 14:55
Remember that drain your energy even capable of ... your own eyes. Not looking at them intently through the mirror: a huge loss of energy! Not believe it? Can you to experiment. I think once is enough (more - dangerous!) To feel the energy of you will go into a flood.

One might get the impression that vampires and energoparazitov live better than ordinary people - and how! - "Freebie" on all gotovenkaya ... Dangerous mistake! Not jealous, much less stand on their way. With

other's energy is absorbed and information on diseases of these people. Over time, you

acquire a "bunch" of sores that will not help either medicine or the best healers. And secondly, the body fairly soon unlearn nurtured by nature. Chronic exhaustion and rapid aging it guaranteed ...

And here is another conclusion: do not be afraid to give your energy to good people. The more you ravage their "tanks" for them, the more fresh and receive healing energy from nature. For those who "love your neighbor as yourself" energy vampires do not exist!

"What happened to me - amazing. It is the sixth decade. During his thirty years in school poistrepalis nerves poshalivaet heart skips pressure. And then, against my ill health - serious illness of an old mom. Stroke. Two weeks I spent in the hospital, caring for her mother. almost two weeks without sleep. fortnight a crazy whirlwind. morning wet cleaning house, all necessary steps with his mother, then ran to the store on the market, there - home, cook something delicious , then to the hospital, etc., etc., without respite. Couple that with the constant stress. I had to "fall off." Colleagues still wonder: "How do you not fall?" And I do not only "collapsed" in me if scored, bubbled source of energy. I felt cheerful, fresh and full of energy.

Often the mother asked to sit next to her and always put his wizened cool hand on my arm. And it seemed to me unknown otkdua Grasp the power flows in me from my mother's hands. Now my mother at home, it is better. A surprising state of health does not leave me. I like twenty years younger. It's like a miracle! I can not explain what happened but the existence of some higher power to help us, mortals, at the most crucial moments of life. "(M.Stepanyuk, Moscow)

All right, Maria. Give, get more - this is the cosmic law ... Boomerang ...                               
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