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Astral exit without any mysticism
- Practical experience of astral outputs 25 years

- The latest and advanced technology in the field of astral outputs

      - Our methods are available to every exit and do not require special training or requirements

- Technologies Released in infraastral (access to the physical world in the astral body) allow you to move through time and space

      - Mastering the techniques of "hackers Dreams"

      - Current approaches to the technique of astral outputs and review of all the existing methods

      - The development of psychic abilities for later use in the occult, magic, palmistry

     - Unique technology for each day on the formulation of power protection, normalization of energy, eliminating the effects of energy-strokes, the output of the source and its lock, the organization kontrzaschity

     - Techniques for Astral organization information models for well-being, achievement of objectives, the yield on contact     - Forecasting the future and possible developments  

    - Correction of their actions and motivations of others

    - Astral Sex (gourmet)

     - Creating a thought-form (all) and setting them tasks to perform specific actions

     - Selection of the literature (a total of more than 12,000 works), published in Russia and abroad for the last 300 years

   - Bio-energy behavior of tricks in the team, with specific people in specific situations

    - Examples of connection to the astral egregors and information structures.

   - Meetings with the dead, vampires, witches, and other astral wildlife (for fans of extreme sports)

    - Software: astrological programs for all kinds of calculations, the program videogipnoza and "astral catapult" biorhythm calculations and various compatibilities
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