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Dip your fingers, feel each finger separately. Dial energy (charge hand). To do this, left hand turns palm up, fingers apart. Right hand palm down with fingers spread parallel left over it makes a circular motion clockwise (face - left hand) so that its nail phalanxes were on the edge of the palm and fingertips. Hand movement is not uniform, it is accelerated by passing the fingers over the base of the palm. In this case, figuratively represented as hand works with a mass of energy, as if she stirs her.

Set energy emptive right hand and to a lesser extent the left.

Then, reset the power to the palm of the left hand. For this we need to bring together the pinky, ring, middle and index finger and then they nail phalanx alternately, one after the other, very gently hold down around the big toe.


1. Do not release the energy from the left hand, and mentally surpass it in his right hand.

2. On the right-hand power through the shoulder girdle to overtake on the left, then up, etc.

3. The left hand is folded down, the palm without stress in a fist. The right hand half-bent, stretched forward to chest level, palm parallel to the body, fingers slightly apart. Imagine that against the right palm is left. Turn right hand in a clockwise direction relative to an imaginary left hand movement is uneven, as in exercise on a set of energy.

4. The right hand with fingers spread rotates clockwise on the left foot soles (dial - sole). Energizing mainly sole. Mentally surpass energy from the sole of the left foot to the right, then to the hand, etc.

Before a session of hands should be washed clean, warm and slightly damp to ensure smooth movement of energy flow. It is also necessary to remove from the hands of watches and jewelry.

To ensure the pin and drive energy required before starting the session strongly rub your palms against each other, so they warmed up and became wet. If necessary, lightly moistened with water.

At the same time mentally direct the flow of energy in the hands. With the acquisition of experience will be determined by the willingness of hands unconsciously. In the initial stages of development of treatment when the energy flow is still poorly obey the orders will need to do exercises to ensure supply of energy to the wrists.

This can be achieved by omitting the hands on the sides of the body and begin to loose their hard rock while posing as arms - mapping hollow tube through which energy flows down to the tips of his fingers.

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