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24.07.2013, 14:53
-Finger exercises

Exercise 1. Fingers moving hand make circular motions around the tips of the fingers (to the base of the nail) motionless hand. First worked through the little finger around his little finger, then the ring, middle, thumb and index. Then the ring finger - around his little finger, ring, middle, etc. all the fingers one by one.

If sufficient time is necessary to begin working out with the index, middle and ring. During the training, to the other fingers were not included in the work, they must discharge to the side or bent.

Exercise 2. The fingertips are opposed to each other. The rotation of the fingers of the active hand in the same way as in the first exercise. Performing a spiral motion, the fingers are bred for the distance sensitivity and bring them together again.

Exercise 3. The palms are parallel to each other. Pin movable arm is located above the fixed finger so that they overlap only terminal pads. The rotation of the fingers is carried out within a fixed finger pads on the basis of the first exercise, lifting and lowering, finger.

Exercise 4. The tips of the fingers are placed against each other. Finger mobile hand makes a sharp pendulum movement relative to the fixed delay in passing the tip of your finger. So all fingers one by one.

Upralyusnis 5. The fingers of one hand revolve around the tips of the fingers of the other hand. Initially made wide circles around the tips of the fingers, then narrowed, and the fingers are bred a certain distance from each other. Then, the active hand fingers begin to alternately zoom in and out, as if dealing a sharp blow to the finger tips in the nails.

Exercise 6. The palms are bent so that four fingers are opposed to one big one. The mobile hand makes a circular motion, passing between the bent fingers alternately pumped his thumb, and then opposed him four fingers motionless hand. You can oscillate alternately passing the motionless hand fingers inside the folded hands moving. The motion captures only carry fingers.


Exercise 7. Shoulders freely lowered down, elbows kept as far as possible and fixed at the bottom of the rib cage, perpendicular to the longitudinal body, palms parallel to each other, fingers slightly apart. Palms make light smooth oscillatory motion under the influence of fields and gradually bred shoulder-width apart (a distance of sensitivity) and then reduced to the original position.

When breeding palms produce two variations inside, and then more widely to the sides. When approaching - on the contrary: two variations in one hand and a sweeping inside.

Exercise 8. Palms are turned against each other in a cross and bent as if the ball is embedded in them, the fingers apart. The ball weighs heavily on the lower palm, 2-3 vibrational motion of the hands of the sinking under the weight of the world down. Then, raise your hands, gently throw the ball in the palm of his hand, repeating the motion is relative to the other arm. When passing the ball from one hand to the palm unfold so that the tips of the fingers of one hand under her fingertips were different.


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