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24.07.2013, 14:41
Besides envoltovaniya death, there envoltovanie love or conspiracy to drive in the face of love for another . This also is best done over a conspiracy planned human blood, and usually it is mixed with the blood of one or the one who wants to bewitch him to her.
Other grimoires advised to make a cut on the hand in the presence of the beloved, and at the expiration of the blood to cast. At the same will expressed in the spell, man creates larvae and blood gives her vitality, and she tries to bring this woman to love him. In addition, the same scene and can capture the imagination of women and make it more easy prey to these spells.
Sometimes love for the institution of sorcerers gave filters or love potions prepared with different magical ceremonies.
itself envoltovanie love, as well as envoltovanie death represents the effect on the astral body of man, but I must say that the filter is often u fancy just excitatory substances such as kantaridy and togda_ their action was a purely physiological.
many grimoires and even some modern "witches" advised the woman, in order to bewitch to his man to give him lumps of sugar or bread soaked in her menstrual blood. Such preparations de Montesnan the way, regaled his mistress of Louis XIV

Sorcerers was also a conspiracy against pain or mascot of silence. It was a very fine piece of paper, no known written words and figures with the corresponding spells. Sorcerer hid this piece of paper under the fingernail or hair, and yet the mascot was with him, did not feel the pain of agony, being anesthetized. We have to think, here plays the role of self-hypnosis. Therefore, during the questioning of sorcerers executioner first thing they cut their fingernails and hair and searched them all over the body, in order to remove this talisman.
According to popular opinion, the devil is celebrated each wizard and witch touch to any place of the body, resulting in this place, at least from pinhead became insensitive. This place was called the Devil's mark, and the presence on the body of the accused or the accused was considered a sure sign of the mark and evidence of witchcraft.
Therefore, the first thing the judges were sorcerers and witches very painful operation for finding the mark.
For this, they were stripped naked and removing all the hair from the body, stabbed in different parts of the body a long needle, and the trouble to someone who does not scream at a prick: Print the devil is found and the accused awaits a fire. Clearly, in this study, may have been abusing and there were " eprouvettes ", in which at the push of a spring needle went not into the body, and back to the wooden handle.
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