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24.07.2013, 13:36

   I told you about a few areas of application of astral practice. Believe me, it's not fancy, and easily attainable reality, accessible to everyone. I repeat, it does not have any innate abilities and birth data. Believe that a topic such as mine is quite difficult to move. Too many prejudices, misconceptions, and just narrow-minded ignorance associated with it. In fact, no one normal understandable language about it yet and did not speak. Topic does require understanding. I'm not saying that to be agree with me, we are only at the beginning and a lot more to learn and comprehend. But by itself, the topic is very interesting and would like that would be a sense of a proper understanding of and attitude to the astral plane. 
According to anyone accidentally meet people and left some part of ourselves in others. I would like that to familiarity with me left in you spark a miracle, heat, light, kindness and love.


     Astral output I think the top of self-realization and knowledge of the world. I do not like people to believe. I do not mean that people would believe me. On the contrary, I give people a tool to move the plane into the plane of the reality of faith and personal experience. What could be more interesting and more exciting!?

     You have a great opportunity not only to study in detail the topic of astral practice, but also to learn how to do it and use in life. 

      We believe that the question of "how to go to the astral plane" is already closed. The result of seven years of work, our school has become a practical step by step video course on the practice of astral exit. Questions - what to do - no one there. We can only deal with in practice. This is a real practice that works and produces results. You have a real opportunity to order a video course or download it on the Internet right now and start watching today. I am available for any means of communication. All material presented in detail on my author's website.


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