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24.07.2013, 14:36
When a person dies, his spirit and soul, clothed in astrosoma finally leave the physical body and enter the astral world, and while in this world, man is called elementerom . Thus, the element ? there is a disembodied man after death, consisting of spirit, soul and astrosoma .
Thus, death is virtually the same exteriorising , which we now speak, but only the final.
If death comes from the destruction of the physical body and damage to his organs, the shower astrosoma
But sometimes death or final externalization occurs despite the vitality of the physical body, because astrosoma weak and can not force the authorities to operate (the cases of wanton depletion and anemia), or because the soul of a man for leaving under the influence of some emotional turmoil.
then there is still hope to revive the person, the more so that in the first hours after the death of the body is essentially still in lethargy and its connection with the astrosoma have not completely torn. To revitalize the human need to make their own free will again enter the human soul in the body and leave it at the same time to reinforce its astrosoma his astral fluid.
This explains the miracles of resurrection of the dead. Eliphas Levi says that the power of love, faith and the will he revived his little daughter , which already lay dead.
Dr. D'Urville says that he raised his two year old son, who is dying of typhus, magnetism, ie, without drugs, but only passes, laying on of hands, rubbing and breathing. The boy was already lying "as dead", his body beginning to stiffen, the skin is pale and p osinela, the lower jaw dropped, almost stopped breathing, doctors have already condemned him to death. But Urville in the space of three hours trying to revive his own will, and pour into it the nervous force (or, as he says, "animal magnetism"), and the boy came back to life.
Note, incidentally, that elementer , fire spirit, often killed pursues the killer. This explains the severe pangs of conscience and hallucinations killers, leading sometimes even hardened criminals to surrender to the hands of justice out of the body due to the fact that it is not suitable for their further stay, in which case there is no way to save the man, just as it is impossible to keep the water in the vessel with a crack.


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