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24.07.2013, 14:34
We turn to the inkubizma . By definition, the occult, inkubizm have sexual intercourse with a man materialized larvae sensibility, in other words, to set up his own astral way men and women. Larvae to materialize but it is necessary that the person had the ability to emit nerve force to condense the astral plane . If this is achieved, it is the illusion of sexual intercourse.
However , we would advise anyone not to deal with such experiences, for soon the body gets used to it, and man can no longer delay the expiration of nervous energy, so Larvae sensuality materialize irrespective of his will and utterly it drains. According to Lance-lin in his " Le ternaire magique de Shatan ", in Paris, there is an institution where men and women to practice artificial inkubizme , but the sign of the school Goetija should write: "Here you will find a depletion of the spinal cord and idiocy . "
Reality inkubpzma not be questioned. As we have said, in the Middle Ages appear directly epidemic inkubizma , particularly astounded the monasteries.
Among modern cases point out, for example, the story of Dr. Durand de Gros . One day he was a patient one provincial notary and told the following story: he was involved in spiritualism and once summoned the spirit of Louis XIV. In this monarch swore vengeance to destroy him and to this end every night sends him on two of his mistresses, the Lyavaller and Fontanges , then Mary Mancini and Montesian . In vain he bounces from their caresses, they hug and kiss him, and he eventually becomes their victim, causing his entire body with each passing day more and more shaken. There is no doubt, however, that the notary was originally promoted himself to calling female characters and voluptuous paintings, the consequence of which was already unconscious inkubizm . Note that during a seance with a certain mood and spirits, psychic power emitted by the medium and the audience, sometimes animates Larvae of sensuality, which reached some degree of materialization, lavish present quite unambiguous affection. (See reports of Mr. Revius , Major Dutch army, " Revue Spiritualiste "Gaga was from August 25, 1859).
Often the victim inkubizma made ​​widows who grieving the death of her beloved husband and imagining myself in his arms, the end of the call to a life shapeless larvae and gave it to her in ecstasy, thinking belong to the spirit of her husband. But unfortunately, communication with the larvae only leads to exhaustion and to madness.
Heine excellently characterized inkubizm in verse, entitled " Helena ".
Note that sometimes the incubus (or succubus) is not the larva, and materialized astrosoma living person. The explanation for this phenomenon is the output of a person in the astral body, which we will discuss below.

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