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24.07.2013, 14:27
Since, according to the occult, the law of analogy permeates all of nature, and that in man we find three main elements, corresponding to the three worlds, namely the elements:
spiritual, astral and physical.
To the first belong to the pure spirit and the higher spiritual concepts and motivations.
By the second - the mind, feeling and desire. The third - the astral and physical bodies. Indian priests share the rights to the following nine elements:
Spiritual Plan
1) Atma - pure spirit, truth, wisdom;
2) Buddhi-top - the kindness, the love of one's neighbor;
3) Buddhi-lower - the idea of ​​beauty, harmony, beauty;
4) Manas-top - the mind (so to speak, reflective), and conscience;
The Astral Plane
5)-lower Manas - the feeling, the passion, the love;
6) Kama Fleece - an instinct, a natural desire;
The material plane
7) linga-sarira - astrosoma;
8) alive - the life force (in the blood);
9) Fleece - the physical body and its organs.
Kabbalah or Western esoteric teaching, facilitating the separation recognizes in man 4 main elements.
Spiritual plane Neshama SPIRIT;
Astral Plane Ruach - the soul, that is, reason and feeling;
Material plane nefesh - astrosoma; Guf - the physical body.
The main parts of the person are Neshama, Ruach and
Nefesh, which appear in the matter by the fourth element - Guf.
If we express the elements in a person through the community, we get the following scheme, in which each lower into the higher range.
1st round - the spiritual plane, corresponds to God in man - the spirit.
2nd round - the astral plane, corresponds to the actual person, a human being - a soul.
third circle - the physical plane, in the nature of,
a person is astrosoma and body.
All circles are enclosed in a common, expressing the will of the people. The center of this circle is the center of the astral and the circle corresponding to the actual person.
This shows that the will belongs to the essence of man and brings together all the elements.
Applying more abstract separation of a person, we can say that a person has three parts:
1) the higher, spiritual - the principle, spirit,
2) middle, Astral - force, astral,
3) lower, physical - matter, the body.
Each of these three parts, in turn, has in itself the principle force and matter, and then we get the following division:
1 ) the principle of the spirit;
2) The power of the spirit;
3) the matter of the spirit;
4) the principle of the astral plane;
5) Astral force;
6) Astral matter;
7) The principle of the body,
8), the force of the body;
9) the matter of the body.
As we now move on to specifically study the astral body, it is more convenient to divide people like this:
1) the spirit and the soul;
2) astrosoma, ie, the mediator between the spirit and the body,
3) the body (physical).
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