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24.07.2013, 14:26
As we said above, there are three worlds: the
spiritual, astral and physical.
In the spiritual world there are only ideas or principles of things, and these principles to their physical implementation are in a state of possibility, virtual, not actual, real-life. To implement the spirit and principle of the object creates its own astral body or astrosoma of Astral and astrosoma creates a physical body made ​​of matter, and from that moment manifests physical being. And the Spirit and the Astros have a plastic or forming ability and thus, gathering around him the astral or physical molecules, they give them a form appropriate to their principle.
Thus, all people, animals, plants, and even minerals embody and the Astros and particle monad or spirit.
According to the hypothesis Maria Dekresna, unconscious astrosoma that exist in the astral plane, evolyuiruyut follows:
monads spirit wafting through space, enter them and give them the energy and affect their shape. Then these astrosoma included some organic body, starting with minerals and cause a mineral that the assimilation process that occurs during the formation of the astrosoma, ie, isolation and molecular attraction. Then begins the crystallization of the mineral. During this process, astrosoma becomes a habit or instinct of organic life. When the process ends the life of the mineral and it is only dead matter, the astrosoma separated from him,
accustomed to organic life, he is looking for a new compound with an organic body, but as the organic instinct in him, enters the bodies of all higher-order
because of the minerals it goes into the plant, and then the animals. If you continue with this hypothesis logically, the Astros who already evolyuiroval, is finally in the human fetus. Thus, we get an infinite staircase ascending from the mineral to the spirit.
If we plot all the worlds or planes of nature, with the horizontal lines, the following chart shows the progressive evolution of nature.
Note that even in the mineral has a rudimentary instinct, which is expressed in the likes and dislikes of minerals: thus, in a combination of two minerals known, we introduce a third, the first two are split and one of them is adjacent to the new mineral. In contrast, other minerals does not want to connect with each other.
Man, as we see evolyuirust in spiritual terms, but no doubt that for the first spiritual plan is followed by other, more spiritual, in which a man must rise and constantly being improved.
in the physical nature, we find three major world or kingdom, namely the kingdom of mineral, vegetable and animal. In every kingdom there are again three elements corresponding to their plans for the spiritual, astral and material. So in the spirit of the mineral corresponds to the principle of the mineral, the astral plane - the energy of the mineral or organic law of his life, and matter - the fact or phenomenon, that is, the very body of the mineral.
The principle of each kingdom penetrates the next higher kingdom. If we plot every kingdom through the triangle, we obtain the following scheme:
1 - is the principle, spirit.
2 - is the energy of the organic law.
3 - is the matter, the body, is a fact.
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