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24.07.2013, 14:02

       H e a hurry to jump to conclusions. The main drawback of modern man - "a narrow-minded ignorance" - to judge the things and events about which he has no real idea. What I suggest - it is really unique, but it is not mysticism and no glitches, it is given to a person physiologically, inherent in its nature. You have the opportunity to realize their human potential. I did not call you to be a psychic or a magician, etc. This is purely an application attributes and can be classified as a hobby, hobbies, seizing opportunities astral plane. 


         I practiced astral output in 1986 and the site is devoted to the implementation of practical experience. I have more than 7,000 students throughout the world, many have their own schools and their students. 


         Read the introductory lecture , and much will be clear.

       There are more than 7 years. Resources of the site are more than 12,000 books on the WTO, unrecognized and human development. 425 computer programmraschetov, horoscopes, biorhythms, Compatibility, dream books, herbalists, and more. Like the Internet is not. Thanks to my students managed to collect a unique collection of audio and video practices in human development.


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