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24.07.2013, 14:25
Occult recognize the existence of the three worlds, or, as he puts it, the three planes of existence: the spiritual world, the astral world and the physical world. Is the first representative of the spirit of the second - the energy or power, the third - matter. The second world serves as a mediator between the first and the third. However, the weight of the worlds penetrate each other in a large or lesser degree. Indeed, the principle of energy is the spirit, and the energy is manifested in matter, which it sets in motion.
comprehend the feelings of our world is a world of material or physical. So with him, we will begin our study.
What is matter and what she has views.
occultists, some of whom were representatives of the alchemists and hermetic recognize the unity of matter. According to physics, all the bodies are decomposed into molecules and molecules into atoms. This is a simple body of which atoms are atoms different from other bodies and may not be a decomposable,
are gold, iron, and other gases such as hydrogen.
However alchemists think atoms, which decomposes Science simple body, can be divided into smaller atoms and that the basis of all the bodies and are species of matter The same primary atoms. Thus, iron atoms can be brought to these primary atoms are then produce gold atoms that will be well-known metal transmutation.
Thus, all kinds of material does not differ among themselves quality atoms, and only their density, and the method of connecting various combinations .
Matter has four types: tight gas, liquid, simple gases (like air) and volatile gases, the molecules of which fly with the greatest speed, the bullets spewing machine gun - a comparison that is owned by physicists Crookes and Tesla, which are used to. this phenomenon word «bombardement».
In ancient sages and wizards had a very serious knowledge of physics and maybe even superior to us in other ways, but some of their knowledge was lost, in part, they are preserved only in the guise of characters, often not to understand us. Thus, the ancient recognize the four elements:
earth, water, air and fire. But these names have also had a symbolic meaning and portrayed the four types of matters to which we have pointed out above.
Additionally, the ancient recognize more subtle matter, which has already passed into energy, and called it the ether, and the Indians call it Akashi. This fifth element is the astral, or astral light.
So when we get to the ultimate physical atom, followed by even smaller atoms, already astral. Astral - is also a matter, but of a more spiritual nature.
Thus, a whole staircase forms of matter. For the astral matter should matter more spiritual, and so on to infinity, as the spiritualization of matter or bringing it to a purely spiritual principle.
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