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24.07.2013, 14:23
     In the outer worlds (we have agreed to call their outer planets or physical manifestations of the energies of the planets above) appear in the form of the functions and properties of certain objects. It looks as follows.
For example, take the typical home kitchen knife. Attached to the kitchen it can be described as a partial merger mercurial reflections that appear in versatility, light reverie of Neptune, "home" of the Moon and ... Insidious Saturn. But that's the same thing - in the hands of bullies. At the forefront are intended furious Mars, which outshines its light all around him. However, this is provided if the bully is a certain amount of courage and determination. Otherwise, it will be the strongest manifestation of Saturn, cook to the beat of the corner.
     This is where lies one of kluchey to the fact that the same herbs and medicines are manufactured and adopted without taking into account individual patient's psyche and inclinations, time, and place of birth, residence and employment, are able to not only treat, but to bring irreparable harm to the patient and the most help.
     Every plant, stone, object, animal has its own peculiar only to him, and especially, provided a competent comparison of the connecting carrier medium, can work wonders, as long as antagonism - the consequences can be severe. The same is true for the common contacts between people in relation to the surroundings. Physician to the patient experiencing all but compassion, can not help him with anything. Can not a man sitting on an uncomfortable chair, in the end did not get sick. Way to get rid of these effects are. It is enough
learn the primary classification of all that exists in relation to the astrological truths. After that, people will not go contrary to counteract arisen, and smooth out the edges and gently soothe wave, offsetting, for example, insidious Saturn hot and fiery Mars, too dreamy moon and the stagnation of Neptune - Mercury restless and so on. He will find a cure for their treatment in normal subjects and the world. Inscribed garmonichnoo for life, he suddenly noticed that the very doorsteps, on which he broke his head over and over again, and no threshold at all, and the steps to achieve the goal. In other words, it would be harmonious.
     Probably some people will not immediately be able to take what they have just read. Let them remember that prefer some other things, not giving in this report. The best evidence can serve, for example, the desire to have a child completely absurd and ugly, from the point of view of adults toy. The fact that it is a child, with its still not established within the framework of modern laws and dogmas, psychology, is the most sensitive to the deep properties of the physical manifestation of matter. In his talk, ridiculous for adults, sometimes undergo profound philosophical thought and a vast depth of discovery. Only vhroslyh excessive pride does not allow them to take the little man as an equal.
     Sometimes we wonder: how people do not seem to possess any talent, is ahead of the current mad race for position and money? Simply, he is born and brought up in this, that he became receptive (conscious or not) to the invisible eye of the usual clichés, upcoming events and schemes will be provided every time there where appropriate concentrate desires and thoughts of people who are engaged in activities related to it. He became sensetivnym - receptive to the thoughts and feelings of others - and began to use them for their own purposes.
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