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Classification according to the teachings of the worlds okultistov
                Modern occultists
     From ancient times to the present day treugolnik with equal sides pochetaem as magical relic that holds a deep meaning and the immense power. It is appropriate to recall any references to the number "3" (from the Holy Trinity Orthodox to Triad occultists). The figures accompanying trio - "7", "9", "12". A person with knowledge of the occult, can easily prove their compliance with, and the man himself, as a supreme being is their manifestation and reflection. However, he did not forget to remind and the number "5". While I will say that with this number, everything is more complicated than it might seem. Talking about it should be conducted special, because it is one of the desecrated shrines, and the study of its possible only for those who have a decent experience. In their general mass worlds are divided into three main categories:
     - The world of the external manifestations or phenomena (physical world);
     - The astral world;
     - The realm of the spirit.
     If the world of physical things are more or less clear, as it is "our peace with you," then the manifestation of the other two, many are first encountered.
     Astral world is thus the world of drawings and shapes, which was mentioned above. It's a world of crystallized ideas, not clad in a material form, with the matter of our world are also reflected. In this world there are many options for our past and future.
The man venturing to predict events on the basis of this, often contradictory information to fall into the high risk of error. The reason is that the plans, as reflected in the astral light is constantly being improved and modified. This is due to the work of magicians, as well as the intervention of the higher initiates. As in any business, there is misinformation, sometimes toss is for distribution. This is the world, through which a person enters the external radiation - as affecting,
and reductive. It is home to residents and members of nightmares or unusual dreams, the power-up clumps of dead and have not yet born, devils, witches, demons. Here is going to affect all types of psychics and - sighted and do not have clairvoyance. ere live energy counterparts - the scheme every man and creatures including articles, regardless of whether they believe in their owner or not.
     The spiritual world, or the realm of the spirit is different from the astral density by a complete change aneshnih forms to the outside observer.
Energy not crystallized, but closer to amorphous. The higher the level of the representative, the less selfish and more willing to give. This has the effect of "internal generation" or self-renewal of energy. Being transformed into the likeness of the sun, warming her energy all around. According to Christian tradition - the world cherubs on Buddhist philosophy -
Devaki legendary gods or the country has reached its limits becomes immortal.
     Description of the worlds very roughly and schematically. The division is made not on the worlds space and habitats, and the subtleties of power structures and capabilities of creatures inhabiting them. All beings are manifested simultaneously in all the three worlds except barren creatures bound involutionally or degraded, as well as superior beings who do not have at the moment incarnations.
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