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Step 5: write your question

You have completed the four steps, and you've had time to feel comfortable in the place where you work. Sit back, relax and focus on what you are going to do. It is important not only that you sit (upright as possible to facilitate the passage of the energy flow through your body), it is also necessary that both your feet are flat on the floor, unless you prefer to work in the lotus position. Avoid the temptation to cross your legs for convenience or to turn your knees into a convenient stand for the letter. Crossing my legs, you only create tension in the body, which later can distract you, and since you have to spend in this position, about 20-30 minutes, blood circulation slows down, and it becomes very uncomfortable to sit before you finish the session. Trying to change the position of the body at the time of writing can also break your concentration and reduce the chances of success.

Once you are seated, put a sheet of paper in front of him and took the pen, clearly and precisely specify and write down a question or topic that you want to comment. Do not spend too much time, but make sure you say everything you wanted. This will clarify in your mind a topic you want to light before you begin to call the spirits to help you, and warms your higher "me" about what issue he will have to work with.
If your question does not require urgent consideration, just ask the spirit mentor or higher "I" to send you something useful or inspirational message. Often this type of open communication gives the best results.

If you are looking for answers to their questions from other entities, except your higher 'I', address them to your question as if you were writing them a letter. For example, you could write: "Grandma Mitchell, should I think about marriage with David, or not?"
If you plan to get answers from the top "I" (often called a "get answers from myself"), you should not apply to him officially. Just specify clearly and write the question.

Step 6, enter yourself into a meditative state

Own method, or any of those described in the previous chapter, enter yourself into a meditative state of medium. If you do not succeed, do not worry. Do everything you can now, and keep practicing until you learn as you wish to enter a deep meditative state. The best thing you can do at this point is to close your eyes, breathe deeply and focus on your goal. If you can relax enough to get this done, the rest will come in time with practice.

Step 7: Fill the energy of the chakras

Following the rules described in the previous chapter exercises to cleanse the chakras and bringing them back into balance, begin to fill yourself with energy. But this time, instead of stretching the energy down from the source of creative power or deity, pull it from the source of universal knowledge, which we commonly refer to as the collective unconscious.
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