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Cleansing Ritual

For this ritual, you will need the incense, which can be moved from place to place (such as a smoking incense stick or placed in the censer), a white candle, matches, and all the power of your imagination.

Before you begin the ritual, check that all the necessary items you have on hand. Stand in the middle of the room, or as close to it and let us know what your intention out loud.

I stand here in the center of the universe,
I am ready to contact with other minds
and not be afraid of it.
I invite here only
good higher beings
who love me and wish me
No evil power, influence, power or
entity can not enter in this
sacred place.
Disappear, the forces of evil!


Holding a stick or a smoking censer slowly go around the room counterclockwise. Watch as smoke fills the space around you, feel his high, pure vibration banish all negative entities that can hover around you. Enough to get around the room once, but if you have a number that you consider holy, then you can as many times around the room.

Returning to the starting point, put the spices. Now, take a candle, and, holding it in front of him, and say the following words:
Let this white candle,
whose pure and sacred flame
protection and hugs me
like a gentle hand, a loving mother,
burn all the evil forces
who want to get into here.


Light a candle for a few moments and focus on its golden flame, feeling her strength and visibly representing as it does the work for you.

If you want, you can get around with a candle in her hand around the room, just as you have done it with the spices. When finished, set aside the candle.

When you feel that the room is cleared of negative energies should utter the words, confirming that the purification process is over. Will be relevant words such as "that's it", "so be it" or "amen."

Then, when you're ready, you can begin to automatic writing.

If you want, you can leave the candle to burn for the whole session.
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