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To work in the astral plane you will need a weapon. The most common is the sword. If you have a sword on the physical plane, then went out to the astral plane and take him and work with him. If the physics of the sword is not, then you need while in the astral plane, submit the form that you want to see. You need to make a sword with a number of training to learn to control themselves and their weapons.
Build (mentally - Astral easily embodies the thought-forms) in the astral one or more entities with whom you fight. Mince, colitis, defend yourself. They will not cause you any harm, but will teach you how to handle weapons and to control themselves in battle. Once you destroy the objects created by you - collect them, restore and give thanks. Once you have gained confidence in their own abilities and capabilities you need to consecrate weapon - your sword.
Walk (in the astral plane) to the church (mosque, synagogue, etc. - there are no religious restrictions). Walk up to the central dome. If over the central dome is "worth" a pillar of light, this temple is working and you can consecrate weapon. If the "pillar" no, you will have to look elsewhere.
Enter this energy column, and you will begin to rise higher and higher above the Earth. Perhaps, the Earth will be the size of a penny - do not be afraid and do not try to stop the rise. Once you stop, reach for his sword. Stand on one knee and say a prayer-arbitrary treatment at the consecration of weapons. Sometimes Above you can replace weapons, to give a more suitable and of course already sanctified. But more often sanctify available. This is your first weapon. Next will be other forms and other types of weapons, but this is the first.
thank you and return the flow down. Go to the temple. Often, the temple is full of evil, and you will have the occasion to use weapon.

After receiving the weapons you can fully operate in the astral plane: to fight, to clean, diagnose, treat, etc.
If you have something that is not clear or need advice or help - remember the lecture "holy names." Call of the saint, the Archangel, it will help you (or tell).
Be careful, all that was described in the lectures "Essence", "Ghosts", "Dreams" - all this you will find in the astral plane.

Attention! Never neglect the protection of facilities and personal protective equipment. This will provide you with the necessary safety at work.
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