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DAY NINE AND TEN: For higher levels of consciousness

Exploring the country of illusion, of phantasmagoric curtain of sleep you will encounter with reality.

Just woke up a few moments you are having an amazing sense of perspective shift, at which point you realize that the life you just lived - a life in a dream - was merely a product of your imagination. In this transition period, return to the world of wakefulness always seems similar to getting rid of the illusion.Moreover, as you now need to understand the awakening from sleep high clarity may be even more striking. This is because the awareness that you are dreaming, did not weaken the power of the character who you were in a dream.

In one of our favorite dream sleep was recorded in the amusement park next to a huge roundabout, near which was a sign of "life". Sleeping took place in front of the booth and handed a ticket carousel operator.- Ready to go? - Asked the operator. - You know, it is a damn strong illusion!

- I'm sure I could handle, - said asleep. - I've ridden on it before. - After this, the ride. Amusement park scene blurred and sleep found that has just been born in a different reality. In the short time I saw myself sleeping growing, then he goes to school, ends her career starts, gets married and lives with his family, aging, and finally dies. All of these events take place in about 70-80 years. When sleep finally feels that life leaves him, he begins to hear sounds louder than an inhibitory carousel. a moment later he is again in the amusement park and looks back at the operator, still sitting on the carousel.

- Well, the - operator asks - how did it go? Learn anything?

- It's amazing - responsible asleep, suddenly starting to realize that going through this alternate reality in a dream. Now, fully mastered consciousness and in the hope that the dream will continue, he hands the operator another ticket. - At this time, - he says - I would like someone else to stay. Carousel spins again, and immediately wakes up sleeping. Needless to say, that after waking sleep could not think about it, back to reality in a completely reliable, or just going through another impressive visual illusion.

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