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Too much light at the exit to the ASTRAL

In this regard, it is to tell one story. Window of the room where I used to sleep on the same level with the street lamp. Lying in bed, I can see the light cast by them sometimes lights burn longer than usual - depending on the time of year I once fell asleep with lamps extinguished, and that night I turned the conscious projection. I climbed out of the physical body by about two feet, and suddenly the room was filled with light! Astral Gelo immediately descended into the physical, and this was accompanied by the sound of "zing" and frame-rates. It seems to me that the length of the sound was very large compared with those that I had styshat before, I felt as if the sound - it's called in my brain vibration. Have you ever heard the sound made by a ukulele, if you hold a pick along the string? This is the sound often accompanies internalization. So, you know by now, Chew too bright light has a negative effect on the astral projection is interesting that many people who suffer from nightmares, sleep in the lighted room and thereby get rid of them.

Dr. Karringtsn, quoting Dr. Lancelot, provides some additional factors that act on astral projection. I'm not familiar with them, but I think they can help you: 1) Moisture - air must be dry and clean, atmospheric pressure - high, 2) atmospheric electricity - if high, it prevents the experiments, and 3) the floor - the projector, it is desirable to be male, and the recipient - female, 4) witnesses - it is best if they do not, a projector and the recipient alone.

Witnesses said about a force when arranged joint experience, that is, when the projector is trying to appear to the recipient or when the subject believes that the presence of each other will contribute to its success I believe you have to make sure. that, as a rule, to put anybody aware of their experiments is not necessary, since it only hurts you. People help projection only when asleep. This is reminiscent of the adage, "You, Johnny, a good boy, when you sleep," I can not explain why the presence of sleeping helps the projector, but I definitely know what it is. I also know that the presence of waking people (if they do not have mediumship) interferes with the projection, even if they are very quiet.
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