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Thus, people who have good reason to return to the astral plane, have undoubted advantages over idle curiosity.

My cousin regularly corresponded with his daughter, who lived in Turkey. Every week, it came from the detailed, informative writing. Unexpected delay of the next letter cousin explained costs the Post Office, but next week has not received news from her daughter. Very concerned, she tried to call to Turkey, but the local telephone operator did not speak in English. Every day anxiety grew, and cousin lost any sleep. By the end of the fourth week, she managed to fall into a kind of oblivion.

In the dream, she spontaneously came to the astral plane and saw the daughter and her companion travel somewhere in the mountains. Returning to his physical body, cousin slept for twelve hours. The next morning there was a long-awaited call from his daughter.

In the tube sounded anxious voice: "Mike and I traveled the country, and suddenly I saw you. Once we got to the nearest phone, I immediately called. On my first call has not been answered. Are you all right?"

Cousin at first thought that the night was the usual experience of the dream, but the facts testified to by the parties: a clear picture of the mountain road and call her daughter convinced her that she had been in the astral plane. By forcing her insistence learn the fate of her daughter and make sure everything is in order. Being in a parallel world, she made sure that her daughter is not in danger, and only then plunged into such a deep sleep that she heard the first call.

A couple of days later, she received a letter in which the daughter asked me not to worry and reported that he was going to leave. It so happened that this message was dropped in the mailbox in the remote mountainous area, which is why his mail delivered so late.

Needless to say, it is important to know what your favorite is in good health. About thirty years ago I lived in the same apartment with the natives of London. Before going to bed one of them ever uttered aloud: "Good night, Dad." It turned out that his father went out every night to the astral plane, to learn about the health of their children, scattered around the fate of the world. This guy was always able to detect the presence of the father in the bedroom.

Sometimes astral travelers can see the usual sight. I'm not sure whether the Londoner saw his father personally, but the phenomenon of visual image of her cousin's daughter, no doubt.

I do not rule out that he had seen many reports of ghosts here and there in fact indicate the appearance of astral cliche.
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