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How to get to the astral plane and then enter back

RITE OUT on the astral plane

A lot of us took time to study the astral plane. Any magician or sorcerer must go to the astral plane when reaching its goal. Everyone knows the way out myself, these secrets are highly subjective in nature. The process of learning is directed only firm will Magus, and we know that this helps astral projection. So, you are given a rite of passage on the astral plane, leaving the physical plane.


Sit in a chair facing east and relax, breathe deeply. Not necessarily sit, who will be more comfortable to lie, lie. Turn off the phone, feet and hands are crossed. If you are sitting, put his hands on his knees, palms down, eyes closed.

Visualize a golden yellow ball the size of a 5-7cm. This ball is filled with a warm glowing light, not necessarily see the ball. Be aware that it exists, in time you will be able to view it. Ball gives complete relaxation, stress disappears, feel the heat, which is on the feet. Let the ball go up the legs to the neck, then lower it into the hands of his fingers, he then rises again to the neck and go down to the head.

You have to feel the warmth and total relaxation. If somewhere you feel uncomfortable, anxiety, excitement - send the ball back warmly, and it will disappear. Stay in a state of complete relaxation 10-15min. If you suffer from insomnia or troubled sleep, then this will make a ritual of preparation before going to bed instead of sleeping pills.

After you relax, breathe deeply three times. Here, you should feel a new life, renewed energy that enters the body with each breath. At the end of clap your hands 3 times, open your eyes. Feel yourself after relaxation. If you got it, you can move on to further work, if something did not happen, the end result-woo.


Starting as in the preparation of the above. After feeling of warmth and total relaxation, visualize yourself standing face to you, sometimes you can begin preparatory work on the mirror. In the minds of its print the image. When you quite clearly see yourself, your image, use your strength, energy and Saturate your take it.

Relive it! Your eyes are closed! Now mentally get him to turn to the East, in the same direction with you, tell him to turn around and wish that strong. You have to feel the physical body, to feel and visualize everything that makes your double.

Once you have experienced it, do not let go anywhere, and the outpost come up to you and begin to absorb its deep breaths-mi, soak it up with extinction. Then clap your hands three times. Sounds of clapping will bring you back to normal, open your eyes.

The technique that you master, there is a mental projection. Here are sent to the mind and the senses of the physical body by force of will. In AP consciousness completely left the physical plane and is connected to the Astral double. In a preparatory version you were using will power visualization. There may come a time when you do not feel your physical body. This means come true astral projection, do not try to immediately return to the body.

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