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Item 1. The main types of guests.

a) obsession. The appearance is usually spontaneous, submission to the maximum consciousness. The appearance is usually won a short-term or one-off, of course, if he does not aim to subordinate it is consciousness. Since when obsession host of consciousness can not or almost can not control the actions of guests (although having gained can be not only bad, but good), such contacts are dangerous, if only because someone else's identity, devoid of control of your mind, you can do much harm has already that make doing what you do not tend to vary or involuntarily energy of the body. The conclusion is that you can play with possession only as a last resort and that is better under the care of some, relatively speaking, a specialist whose consciousness is currently free.

b) Hoosfericheskoe obsession (broadcasting). Dive into the ultimate trance to gather information. Maximum attenuation of internal controls in order to automatically get some answers to the questions that you configure. At the same time free from the control of your mind turns to the automatic trap information. You may be aware of themselves and the information it receives just enough to determine its quality (for example, whether speaks the truth or being interrogated smacks Lajoie).

c) Combination. The most successful and convenient form of communication archetypical. The interpenetration of consciousnesses in which each owner and each guest to contribute actively to control the circumstances in both realities. (If you're combining, as both the host and the guest is in two worlds. So it is with your partner. Suppose you are aware of both the park and Sosnovka Lorien, and your partner is the reconciliation - Elf - Lorien and Park Sosnovka.)

d) One-way combination. "Excursion" in the reality of your partner using the penetration of his mind, of course with his consent (of course, possible and without consent, but it is archetypical ethics prohibits networks).

e) The manifestation. Impact on the world partner with the one-sided matching, that is, the leadership of his circumstances with his body and his brain. Example - you're helping to find a way to get lost in the woods friend who is in a parallel world, while directing his movement and overlooking the entire forest.

f) The constant expression. Prolonged and repeated contact with the exchange of information, mutual assistance, as far as possible and the right to speak and act on behalf of the partner. (Let's say you are dictating to each other their poems or, for example, Sauron allow someone of his regular proyavlentsev talk about Mordor on his behalf.)

g) Permanent connection - the collection of information about a world or being, usually involuntary. (In the parlance - Palantir mad :) This connection can either develop into manifestation, or come to nothing, or eventually realized as the memory of the past or anticipating the future incarnations.

h) The spontaneous appearance of alien entity that is its archetypical matrix (this occurrence, and not check). Rare is different from other types of contact with another person that is not a stranger matrix vnemirovoy information as born in the host material, being its invariant. Outwardly, "pregnancy" so invariant appears mainly in the form of a flurry of activity (or imitation) in connection with the beginning of a new life. (There are beings who give birth new template almost every week. Offer to call them matrix printers :)
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