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    Subtle understanding, happily combined with true intuition (Cindy
resis). This is the throne of reason, the foundation of wisdom, who have it, easily
succeed. A gift from heaven, the most desirable, because the main, the most valuable. Home
part of our armor, nainuzhneyshaya of all: only deprived of her name
insane, the only one who is deprived by it, truly disadvantaged. All our
sinderesisa actions committed under the influence, and each needs to
his approval - because the mind hath need of everything. The essence sinderesisa - a natural
Mr. attraction only to the fact that, according to the mind and is combined with a selection of
the only right way.
    Gain and preserve the good name. It gives the right to use the fame.
Is expensive, has need of great dignity, and they are as rare as
frequent mediocre. But if you won, it is easier to save. To many it
requires even more giving. Inspiring reverence, as if surrounded by a halo of ve-
differences - when the high and the scope of its speakers. But a true reputation for not-
depends on the situation.
    To hide their intentions. Passion - the windows of the spirit. Worldly wisdom
require secrecy: who plays in the open, risking to lose. Restraint
ABILITY lurking comes into the fight with vigilance insightful: against
lynx eyes dark jet cuttlefish. Let not know what you want, not what
prevent - some opposition, others obsequiousness.
    The essence and appearance. Oh things are judged not by their nature and by the form and little
who looks deeper, more satisfied appearance. To sense whether you're
rights, since on the face of your wickedness.
    The husband is not subservient to the temptations - a reasonable Christian, secular philo-
Sof. As such should be, rather than to seem even more so do not pretend. Philo-
sofstvovat now out of favor, but this is the main occupation of the people thinking.
Science prudence - neglected. Seneca - its pioneer in Rome
a long time it was honored in the courts, but now revere absurd. However
sober thought always abide food wisdom, righteousness delight.
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