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    Only operate when it is not in doubt. Doubts about the success in
one who acts, becomes a certainty for the failure of the observer,
much less an opponent. If in the heat of passion mind doubts, then when
passion has cooled, it will condemn your act as an obviously stupid. The action-
Vat when you doubt the wisdom of the acts - dangerous - abstinence was better-
zhis. Prudence does not allow for uncertainty, it always walks in
noon light of reason. Can we expect success when doing almost
conceived, and already condemned by fear? And if a company, it is endorsed by
tion of internal agreement, too, sometimes you can not, what can you expect from the case,
initiated with the vibrations with ominous prophecies?
    Prudence is transcendent - that is to say above all else. The first essential
rule in business and in the speeches, the more important the higher and more honorable employ-
ment. Let everything you do not approve of, marches confidently and rightly so: labiaplasty-
reasonable to pass for - the highest glory. Content with the approval of the prudent,
their voice - a touchstone of your righteousness.
    Universal man. It came together all the advantages, it is one
many. It brings great joy to the lives and infects her loved ones. Multi-
gostoronnost kupno with perfection - the delight of life. Great art -
absorb all the best. And if Nature, in order to raise man up, made
its a kind of code of all the best in nature, even art through upbringing
of taste and mind will make it a small universe.
    The tightness of the spirit. Husband cautious, since wants his respect for
shook, do not allow to find its bottom - not in knowledge, or in deeds, with
He can only meet, but we can not fully comprehend. Let no one
no limit to your abilities, or give a reason for disappointment.
Never was permitted to see right through you. When you do not know and doubt
honor more than when all your strength, though and large, is obvious.
    Maintain waiting tirelessly to feed them, and let you wait on multi-
Gogo - play a large profitable. Do not spread from the first move all the availability of a
ABILITY. Play an important technique - know when to stop, when to open their strength, their
knowledge and stay ahead of expectations.
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