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    Anticipate the bad rumors. The crowd a lot of goals and, therefore, evil
Eye and yazvyaschih languages. Will a bad rumor - blacken the most virtue,
awarded the infamous nickname - is simple with a good reputation. The occasion was the
Any slip-up or a funny flaw - a tidbit for slander. Other
once these flaws - imaginary, invented by cunning opponents in the crowd
angrily fired; revilers mouth great glory crush gossip rather,
rather than open insolence. Easily amass notoriety - ill gladly
believe, but just try and be cleansed! A wise man should be avoided in
Daubney adversity, do not give rise vulgar arrogance - it is easier to anticipate than
    Culture and grinding. Man is born a savage, brought up, he out-
lives in an animal. Culture creates a personality, and what it
the more the personality significant. Greece was entitled Cultural called
Vat the rest of the world is barbaric. Neotesannosti - from ignorance, for
culture needed first of all knowledge, but the scholarship will be rough,
if not polished. Elegant to be not only thought but also the desire and
- especially speech. Some people are naturally endowed with grace and inner
outside, in thoughts and in words, in every part of the body and each property
the soul - like a fetus, its peel and pulp. Others, however, so-neotame
Sanna that all of their natural qualities, sometimes excellent, pale due
obnoxious savage brutality.
    Be encircled tolerant, showing the breadth of mind. The husband is not great bu-
Chalk and children in daily. Do not go into nothing, even more so in trouble;
Sometimes, however, it is useful to notice and stuff, but as if by accident, not on-
rochito. The noble-mindedness - the basis of good manners. Want
control others, learn to hide their feelings. To much in the affairs of house-
Chadians, friends, and especially the enemies look the other way. Fault-finding
always unpleasant, but as a character trait - unbearable. Constantly returns
schatsya to something unpleasant - kind of mania. And usually - the behavior of each
Dogo is determined by what his heart, no matter how widely it.
    Self-knowledge. Know your character, your mind, your judgments, biases.
As long as you do not know yourself, you can not govern themselves. For the face is the mirror,
for the spirit - no, let there be a sober reflection on the mirror itself.
You can forget about your outer appearance, but always remember about the shape of the inner
tions, in order to improve it, improve it. Check whether you are strong in
prudence as capable of work; push your hot-
In particular, the measured depth of spirit, ability to weigh.
    Art live long: to live with dignity. Two things quickly mop up
Rights: stupidity and profligacy. Some people have lost their lives because store
it did not know how, and others - because they do not want. As a virtue - the very se-
Be the reward, so vice - himself a car. Who is in a hurry to live in vice, in
Hiba quickly in both senses; hurry to live in virtue, never
will not die. Spirit Health reported the body, the life of the righteous duty not only
business, but over the years.
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