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Wise advice - 5
    Update your beauty. Phoenix privilege. And excellent aging, and
with him - his fame. Habit diminish enthusiasm and a new mediocrity
dwarfs aged celebrity. So, revives - in valor, in
talent in victories in everything is the all-new beauty show how
sun, every time a new splendor, changing the scaffolding, so that in one place
your absence has made you welcome, and another novelty initiated restoration
    Does not persist any evil nor good. A wise man was driving all the wise
rate to the measure. Excessiveness and the truth leads to falsehood, with no end to press
orange - will go bitter. Even in due not to go to extremes. If the one-
Lunt lavish, it will dry quickly. Shamelessly milk instead
Milk blood will flow.
    Permit yourself small negligence. Another flaw - the best recommendation
merits. Envy willingly resorts to ostracism - and the injustice
vey, the unanimously. It will put itself to perfection in his criticism be-
zuprechnost and in no way find a flaw, condemn it. Like lightning,
hula reeks of the highest esteem. So let the sometimes vzdremnet
Homer, even allow himself to negligence in the affairs of talent or virtue, but
not in knowledge: we must soothe anger, lest it overflow poison, not bursting-
la. You throw like a bull cape envy - the salvation of immortality.
    Benefit from the enemies. Any thing we must take skill, and that is not for the climate
nok where porezheshsya, and the handle, to defend themselves, even more so when soperni-
honors. More rational use of ailments than a fool from friends. Feud
sometimes cast up those mountains of difficulties, with which stops before the Favor-
ABILITY. Many of fame created by their enemies. Flattery is more dangerous than hatred;
it helps get rid of the flaws that the other covers. Labiaplasty-
reasonable to make the topic of human its mirror more faithful than the mirror
lo affection, and either prevent exposure or correct the deficiencies. Zhi-
Knitted on porubezhe with the rivalry with hostility, hold on the present-
    Do not become a sextet. Trouble excellent - becoming commonplace and it is dimmer-
a. At first he was hungry, bored by the end. Great misfortune - to be
to nothing useful, but no less - to try to be all things and always
pleasing, greedy, all confused, and you turn away from those that
especially appreciated. Such sixes meet in any occupation - before
admired as a miracle is now despised as vulgar. The only
salvation for excellent - and in the glare of the measure, be he a Strongly
perfections of the excess, but panache - moderation. The brighter the torch is lit
the faster burn out. Stinginess in squandering rewarded percent
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