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    No need to always make jokes. Prudence is known in the serious, it Tse-
nitsya higher than wit. Who ever makes jokes - empty man. Such people
like liars, neither the one nor the other did not believe me - one, for fear of fraud,
others - for fear of ridicule. You never know they are joking or business Govo-
are lit, which means that things can not get along with them. Everlasting Fun - cause interference.
Another finds glory wit, but will lose the respect of reasonable. Cheerful
your hour, and the rest - the case.
    Adapting themselves to everyone. Great art to conquer hearts, like
generates favor. Explore the characters and tune in tune, id-
ty in the leg with a serious and humorist, transformed by the politic - that espe-
particularly important for employees. Everyday is an art requires a lot of
knowledge, it is easier to give the person with the universal mind and an enlightened
innate taste.
    Art begins. At Random acts stupid all the fools - Brave-
particle. In the simplicity of his soul at the beginning of the case, they do not foresee any interference, but in
do not mourn the end of the failures. Prudence down to business with an eye,
his scouts, Foresight and Meditation, scouting the way, so that the motion
gatsya unhindered. Rashness condemned by pro-sanity
val, although sometimes saves Luck. Where are afraid of depth, promotes acute
orozhno Acumen feels the bottom, Prudence leads to the harbor.
Now in getting along with people easily run aground - often drop your item.
    The gift of wit. Kohl know the measure, it is not a flaw, and dignity.
Grain of acute zest. Even great men did not disdain to go pawns
Coy sharpness, gain a general location, - holding, however, in the face-
Zach prudence and honoring of decency. Some are successful as a joke la
zeykoy, as to certain things should be treated humorously, even if someone
take them seriously. Such peace of mind - to lure hearts.
    Do not believe everything. Most of all, we learn from others, much less see
themselves, and we live by what we hear. Hearing - the back door for the truth and a front
to lie. The truth we often see, but rarely hear - in almost pure form
ever, especially when it comes from far away in it if there is an admixture
preferences, through which it has passed. Passion colors in your color
everything they touch - hating and loving, the main thing for it - to make
impression. Be on guard when praised, and especially - when the condemned.
Tighten your full attention to unravel the intention intermediary, to understand that
it is driven. Thinking it shall be a shield and the stupidity and meanness of.
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