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    Do not be rough, avoid tyranny - and the natural and feigned.
The wise constant high, is the key to wisdom. If changing from-
carrying, it is not without reason and deserve. But the volatility in cases of high-
FIR - vice. There are people that no day itself diverse, even their mind-nero
veins, not to mention the desires and moods: yesterday you met light
"Yes", now ogoroshat gloomy "no." They undermine the credibility
and confuse others.
    Determined person. Do not deal with the case - less trouble than-unsolved
resolutely. No running water port, and standing. Other step not yet done
out until they are podtolknesh, and sometimes the reason is not to dullness of the mind - the mind can
be astute - but his lethargy. Quite a few of the mind ought to pre-
see the difficulties, but even more - to find a way out. But nothing is certain
confused, they are people of great intelligence and strong, they are born for the big
cases, the clarity of understanding creates fast action and success, all of them removed
etsya itself. Believing in his star, they set to work with all the resolute
    Escape. Handicapped people welcome prudent. Graceful joke they open
a way out of the tangled maze. With a smile, they are able to get out
safe and sound from a bitter dispute. Courteous manner not refuse
right - to change the conversation, and sometimes there is nothing wiser than to pretend to be
    Do not be a tyrant. Genuine animals - in crowded cities. Insufficient
upnost - fault of those who did not know himself, the more rights, the steeper
temper. You want respect, do not start with the insults. Just look at the
This impregnable beast, always ready to fall into a rage! Who from him,
his sorrow depends on a conversation with him is like a fight with a tiger-armed
zhas care and caution. Rising to his place, cater to all,
and rising in retaliation over the plague. In the post they are supposed to be
with all but their rudeness and arrogance of all off-putting. Decent car for
similar - stay away from them, it is prudent to avoid their society.
    Elect sample heroic: not a role model, both for the horse races
zaniya. There is ample evidence of greatness, living textbook of Fame. Let
every one in his business looks at first, not so much to follow, how much
to get ahead. Nothing is more exciting ambition, as someone else's pipe
Fame. She crushes envy, and it also nourishes prowess.
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