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    Think about a successful outcome. Others are more concerned not to deviate
nyatsya to take direction, rather than thinking about reaching the goal, but
censure for failure always drown out the praise for their diligence. The winner of the non-
Why make excuses. Most are unable to assess all the circumstances and
sees only the good or bad consequences, so, once the goal is achieved, ext-
the glory of paradise will not suffer. A successful end to all gild, though funds
have not always been good. Generally reasonable - to go against the rules when-ins
Che did not finish the job.
    Prefer classes were widely praised. Many things in life depends on the court
the human race. Praise for abilities - food and life. There are classes all
respected, there are other, even higher, but less prominent, at first
all to see, and all admired, the latter rare and exquisite, the one-
yatsya in the darkness of his inconspicuous, they are respected, but not praise. Among
sovereigns famous victorious. Husband prefers the great classes, when-
wearing glory, so that all can see them and were themselves involved in them, - praise
nationwide would bring him immortality.
    Suggest. This is a more subtle way than to be remembered. Other
just need to be reminded, and the other - to advise. People often do not make the necessary
step because it does not occur, in which case it is appropriate to give
a friendly advice. One of the most valuable properties of the mind - time to figure out
what is important. Who is it deprived, luck often misses. Let the quick-witted
will give help, and ask about her slow-witted, one shall be circumstances,
the other - attentive, it would serve as a hand. Art suggest
is very valuable when it can benefit suggestive. This should be done with
pleasantness, the ring will need to show perseverance. "No," always-on
ready, "yes" has to look for - and wisely, often do not reach for it is not
    Do not succumb to vulgar changeability of mood. Great is he who does not
subservient to the whims. Prudence teaches us to think about himself - cognition
Vat its current condition and correct it, even to adjust itself to
the opposite, that between the real and the artificial to find the average
nyuyu line. To guide themselves, ought to know yourself. There Chudova-
schA impermanence, every time they are in a different mood, and then change
addictions, from vulgar inability to control himself, they always fall into the pro-
extreme opposites. This variability is not only destroying the will, but
reflected on the judgment, distorting and desire and understanding.
    To be able to refuse. It should not be in all and all concede. This is as
important as to be able to give in, the more important for those commands.
Then remember about style: some "no" sounds kindly than the other "yes"
gilded refusal easier to swallow than dry consent. Many always
on the lips "no", and it all adds bitterness "no" they go first, and
even then they are inferior, it is not appreciated because of the previous annoyance. Not of-
shows at once, let the disappointment comes drop by drop, and do not refuse
bluntly, it means tearing the bonds of loyalty. While there are still crumbs of hope
they temper the bitterness of failure. Courtesy of darning holes goodwill, ext-
rye word will replace the missing case. And "no" and "yes" to tell a short time, yes
before long to think.
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