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Wise advice - 4
    Superiority in the best. Among the many advantages one has to chapter
venstvovat. We all have a hero certainly has one particularly remarkable
feature, and the mediocre admiration does not. Only excellence in
high withdraws from the ranks of the crowd and raises to the rank of ruthless people. From-
lichitsya in a modest business - it is to be something, but in the small: where it is easier,
and there is less of Fame. The difference in matters like the royal high ve-
lichiyu - inspires wonder and attracts the heart.
    Being selective about the servants. Some boast that comes highly
cleverly, using vile assistants. Hazardous splurge worthy
terrible punishment! Honesty is the servant does not detract from the greatness of Mr. and in the case removed
Chi will get to the root cause of all the honor and the same - shame on failure. Glory
accompanies the main. She did not say, "so and so I had a good or dur-
ITATION servants, "and say," So and so was good or Duren in the business ".
So, choose and verify, in whose hands I entrust the immortality of the business.
    The advantage of the first. And if you still large - double. Big deal
- The first move and, therefore, an advantage. Many would phoenixes in his
fact, when it had not left them behind others. First capture the glory of primogeniture,
second gets the vyklyanchennye crumbs - whatever potey, can not be washed stigma
copycat. Artfully received wonderful talent, opening new avenues for-daro
vany - if only reason these paths approve. The novelty of the discovery wise
have earned a place on the list of heroes. Others prefer to be the first-
E in the second row than the second - in the first.
    Protect themselves from distress. Avoid agony - and reasonable and useful
but. Unpleasant news or reports, contrary to that, do not listen, let him be named
Entrance forbidden to you, except where there is a remedy against them. Some
ready day and night to listen to the sweet flattery, others - to listen to the gossip-corrosive
no, there are those who life is not sweet without the everyday annoyance. And nothing
so does not harm the rest, as act done to please the other,
let the best friend one time and cause yourself grief for life. Nor-
when not sin against their own well-being for the pleasure of those so-
a council, and he stays away. In any case, remember this advice
prudence: better to let another upset now than you - then yes
more irreparably.
    The sophisticated taste. For a taste, as well as for the mind needs a culture. Who
feels fine, he probably zhazhadet desired. Depth understanding of the recognized
the height of aspiration. To fill a large vessel, it takes a lot
amount, that insatiable gluttons hearty meal, for the sublime
natures - high matters. However, daring ideas, and we fear
even before the obvious advantages doubt: the stars of the first magnitude-ed
ki - so be sparing with the same approval. Tastes clingy, transmitted communion-
and it is inherited, therefore the society of men of good taste - great
happiness. But we should not take it a rule to condemn all - one of the non-
lepyh extremes, especially nasty when not caused by bile, as well-
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