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    Quickness in decisions. Natural consequence happy liveliness. To
her quick and brave, no difficulties, no hesitation. Some people have long-
of thinking, and holding case, all the spoil; all other possible without long
thought. There is a particular kind of ability, with the difficulties they operate
exist best. So amazing creatures temper everything works, and
after thinking - nothing, if not happen right away, do not expect much good
and no hope for the future. Praise be fast, they just wonder, everywhere keeping up-
are - and are quick mind and deeds are reasonable.
    Safer contemplating. Well done - so quickly.
Being accomplished soon - soon destroyed; century works - that lived on forever.
Only a perfect delights, only successful remains. The mind is a deep wins
century. Everything of value comes at a price - the most valuable of metals
refractory and hardest.
    Limit yourself. Should not indiscriminately to all show off, tra-
tit forces beyond necessity. Neither intelligence nor valor do not throw in vain.
Good falconer will not send the Falcons to extract more than is needful. Not
flaunt everything you have - the next day is no surprise.
Always keep in reserve than would shine again: who opens every day
new, waiting on a lot - and never get to the bottom of its contraction
    Man successful completion. Who are the members through the gates of the palace of Fortune
joy coming through the gates of sorrow - and vice versa. Therefore, think about the end
business, taking care to leave happily, not about making nice
enter. Normal trouble favorites of Fortune - loud and bitter end to the beginning.
Thing is not to you at the entrance greeted the crowd - it's nice howl-
ti just be able to - but to care about your sorry: it is important to be wanted.
Happiness is rarely accompanied by outgoing: it does not abandon welcome and indifference
    Sound judgment. Some people are born prudent with this
gift they reach wisdom - half way to success passed. With impact-
grow and experience their minds quite mature, in the judgments is becoming a mind-
rennost: every whim they hate as a temptation for prudence,
Especially in matters of state, where the huge importance of each step require-
buet full confidence. Such rulers deserve support and business and
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