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    Never lose respect for yourself. And do not be alone in a dispute with a co-
battle. Let it be your conscience is the measure of your own judgment, and rigor-
tion sentence is more important than the opinions of others. Do not make inappropriate, do not fear
Court of human, and the voices of their prudence. Learn to fear for themselves.
    The man with the analysis. Many things in life depends on the intelligibility of four-
required of good taste and correct judgment - diligence and even cleverly-
umiem's ​​not vozmesh. Where there is no selection, no perfection, the ability to select,
and only the best - double advantage. Many people have the talent of fruit and
that and sophisticated, rigorous mind, also very hardworking and scientists
ITATION are lost, as it comes to selection: and look to grab for
worse, if you make mistakes on purpose. So, this is one of the greatest gifts svy-
    Do not get irritated. An important rule of reason - do not go
of itself. Great poise indicates a large heart - a great soul
difficult to budge. Passion - humors of spirit, their excess causes
ills of discretion, and if disease is through the mouth in danger volun-
the glory of paradise. So, learn to control yourself, lest any happiness nor unhappiness
You are not condemned for lack of restraint, but would have marveled at an altitude of mind.
    Resolute and reasonable. Decisiveness quickly accomplishes what
judgment considering long. Haste - the passion of fools, have not seen a
AH interference, they act without thinking. Reasonable, however, often suffers
slow: many who sees heavy to lift. Because many fees
sometimes even a good idea go down the drain. Quickness - the mother of success. Not
put off till tomorrow, and you commit a lot. August motto - toro-
pis slowly.
    Be prudent brave. Even a dead lion rabbits kick. With add-
flattery is not joking: do not make up your mind, turn away just have to step back a second
times, and so - to the last: in the end you will be in front of everything
same obstacle as in the beginning - it not be better solved at once? Force
Spirit overcomes the force of the body; like a sword, keep it always ready to
sheath of prudence. She - a shield personality. Infirmity of mind is more harmful than those infirmities-
timber. Quite a few people with outstanding qualities, but without courage, upodo-
beating the dead have fallen asleep in his own cowardice. Nature with good reason-
cetana a sweet honey bee and prickly sting. In our body there are veins and indirect
ty, but will not be the same spirit spineless.
    A man who knows how to wait. He must possess great courage and non-
little patience. Do not rush and do not get excited. Learn to co-rule
fight, then you will dominate the others. To account for the occasion blagopritnosu
Time to go long ways. As long as you reasonably slowing down, good luck for the future-
melt, the secret plans of her husband.
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