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    Eat a calculation, and not to abuse them. Parading him not exhibi-
lyay, even more so do not let unravel, the calculation ought to hide, it is the present-
razhivaet, Especially calculation thin, he hated. Around deception, therefore,
be on the alert, but do not show their confidence, so as not to arouse distrust
to himself: it is dangerous, for generating hostility to inspire and excite revenge ta-
something evil that you never dreamed of. Artful calculation - the success in the activities of
tions, thinking - the best helper. The highest perfection in the affairs of achieving
reached at full confidence.
    Tempered his antipathy. We easily succumb to feelings of neriyazni even
Recognizing the undoubted merits. The natural tendency of this vulgar at times
dares to aim a blow at the great men. Let wisdom holds it
- There is no worse disgrace than a dislike for the best, no matter how laudable sympathy
heroes, just as shameful antipathy toward them.
    Avoid commitments. One of the first rules of prudence. Veli-
Kieu able to set great goals and distant, long way to
him, and so people often get stuck in the middle, too late picking up
the main thing. From Commitment easier to avoid than to get out of them with flying colors.
They - the temptation for a reason: there are better run than winning. One mandatory
ment leads to another, more - and here, you're finally over-
elm! There are people liking hot and even blood, easy to take on such
obyayazatelstva itself, but one whose path illumined mind, passes the arts
usheny. He believes most of valor not to get involved than to win, and
where one has caught a fool, does not want to be second.
    As far as man is deep, so it is a person. Always and everywhere -
must be greater inside than outside. There are people with a facade, as
home unfinished for lack of funds: Input - the palace, and on
housing - a shack. At the shelter there is no hope, interpret with them about
what: after greeting when meeting fall silent speech. First, spilling
graces, no worse than the Sicilian prancing horses, but immediately turn
in the silent ones - where there is no source of thoughts, words dry out quickly. So no,
ore to fascinate people as they surface, but not those who have to stare-
Vaeth deeper and see that their heads are empty.
    A prudent man, and observant. He does not obey the circum-
ments, but manages them. Immediately feeling the bottom, even the deepest,
dissect the soul. Only by looking at the important people, understands and appreciates
its essence. Remarks its label, the ability to decipher the most sweat-
ennye thought great. He sees clearly understands the subtle, sober judge: he
detects, captures, recognizes and appreciates.
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