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    Make up their minds. It is especially important in cases of important. Fools gu-
byat themselves that do not meditate, unable to understand even half of the case are not
anticipate being able to neither harm nor benefit, they can not operate properly;
they give a lot of weight unimportant things and a bit of weight - a very important
Commending the opposite. Many people do not lose their mind just because it
not. There are things on which to penetrate deeply and store them in
the depths of his mind. Wise will make a judgment about everything, but especially atten-
repent of what is profound and ultimate meaning, for believing that
there is more than he suggests. So thinking penetrates further per-
initially judgment.
    Test their fortune - to act to achieve. This
important, rather than keep the spirit of equanimity. Great art - to manage
Fortune, her waiting (since also need to be able to wait), then catching up, in order to
overtake his case, his turn, although the intentions of those chic anyone
not comprehend. Noticing that she was supportive, act boldly, and she loves
bold and as beautiful - young. The loser is nothing to try and -
better back off, do not incur the double misfortune. Who's Fortune
commands, boldly go!
    Tossing and reflect the secret arrows. One of the great subtleties of bypass-
Denia. Secret arrows checked intent secretly and deeply investigated
sulk heart. Boom times, these insidious, destructive, wetted potion for-
Vista, lubricated poison passion - invisible zipper, put down the heights
Tabor and honor. Many have lost the favor of the highest and publicly-
second, slain trifling witticism, while a conspiracy made up
speak evil of the crowd and zlostyazhatelstvom separate entities, and could not shake
their situation. Sometimes the boom, however, are for the benefit of maintaining and
strengthening repute. But with the same dexterity with which they lay their intent,
caution must meet them, and vision - to foresee, for knowledge
tion - the most reliable protection, and the impact foreseen is not so dangerous.
    In time to stop a successful game. Typically experienced players. To be able to dos
Toine retreat is just as important as it is important to tread, when an accomplished enough
exactly when achieved much - let me down the line. Continuing luck
always suspicious, more reliable - intermittent, sweet and sour
rather solid sweets. When luck piled one upon the other, there is
the risk that all crumble and collapse. Sometimes the mercy of fortune are
brief, but great. But the long haul to the lucky Zakorko bored
and Fortune.
    Look for something that flourished and maturity. All creatures of nature
reach perfection only in some time: before they mature, after -
spoil. But creating art rarely are such that they can not be-
lo improve. The benefits of good taste - the ability to enjoy the ve-
cabbage soup only in their final form, it is not given to everyone, and to another, given,
but not developed. Even in the fruit of the mind has a higher degree of maturity;
know how to recognize it, in order to evaluate it and develop themselves.
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