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    Praise be to the discerning. The once prized above all the ability to reason-
give, but now it is not enough - we must also recognize and, most importantly, to expose the
deception. You can not call a reasonable person bleary-eyed. There are clear-
vidtsy who read in their hearts. Truth, for us the most important expressed
only half full, but before they reach the sensitive mind entirely. If to you blah
govolyat, let go of the reins of his credulity, but if you are hostile to,
Give her spurs and whip away.
    Each master key to select. This art of managing people. To
He does not need the courage and skill, the ability to reach out to the man. At each
Dogo strastishka own - they are different for different natural inclinations.
All people - idolaters: one idol - honors others - self-interest, and
Most - pleasure. The trick is to guess which one has
idol, and then apply the appropriate remedy, the key to passing passions.
Search the prime mover: it is not always sublime, most vile, for the people
more vicious than decent. It is necessary to catch the nature of surprise, grope
weak spot and move to attack the very strastishku - a victory over his-
freestyle kind then provided.
    Do not chase after many, STEM to depth. The essence of greatness - do not amount
honors, and quality. Excellent always sporadically and rarely, in a lot,
Besides the price is low. That growth giants among men - usually dwarfs
mind. Some of the book value over the volume of the book are written as if for the exer-
of the hands, not the head. Spreading only in breadth, do not marry pre-
ly mediocrity. The trouble people universal that, wanting to know
all, they do not really know anything. Only the depth of superiority gives true
tion, and in matters sublime - heroic.
    Avoid accessibility. Especially in the taste. Oh, great was the sage,
saddened when his creations like a lot! Universal praise sickens
reasonable. How do chameleons live on air, so other people revel in pok-
tolerances are crowds and rough her breathing them nicer sweetest breath
Apollonova. Also in understanding: not be surprised wonders, amazing and frightening
ignorant: the crowd stupid to think soberly given only a little.
    The righteous man. Fearlessly, he is always on the side of fair
ity - no passion of the crowd, no violence tyrant forced him to overstep its
border. But where is this phoenix resistance? In truth few fans.
Many praise it, but only vchuzhe, others follow it, there is not
danger, and there - the scoundrels from her openly renounce and cunning faithful
pretending. Do not hesitate, it will go against your friends, against powers,
against their own benefit - in this test, most often it changed. Lu-
kavye in high-flown arguments renounce her not to touch the inter-
ests parent or government. But my husband thinks all the candid-
Kuyu false treason; proud of its stability more than vigilance, he
always committed to the truth. And if he leaves her subjects, not changeable
it, and they left for her first.
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