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Wise advice - 2
    The art of being happy. There are many recipes for it, but not
Just good for sage. Can contribute to the success of enterprise.
Some with views of careless getting at the gates of Fortune, waiting undertake
for the cause of it. Other smarter - they surge ahead boldly and act
relying on their own strength, for the wings of valor sometimes can
overtake happiness and flatter him. But, right reasoning, no
better way than the way of virtue and zeal, because there is no higher happiness,
than prudence, as the worst misfortune than imprudence.
    Pleasant knowledge. Reasonable armed secular, elegant scholarship, he
all aware of and judges in a refined, not a vulgar manner, he has only-
yes there are examples of sharp words, brilliant affairs, and he knows how to lead
to place them. After all, under the guise of advice witty words often listen
rather than vysokouchenoe edification. Free art and eye-opening
conversation has gone to someone in life to benefit more than all seven free
    Do not tolerate small and its drawbacks. That is a sign of excellence. From
spiritual or bodily flaws rarely free, but often they are cherished,
from when they could easily have healed. Vchuzhe annoying to see reasonable, as
insignificant flaw sometimes spoils the perfect combination of virtues - to-
freely and cloud to overshadow the sun. Birthmark on the repute
Human anger immediately noticed - and persevered in their marks. Especially valuable arts
usstvo hide their lack, causing it to advantage. So, Caesar
conceal his baldness with a laurel wreath.
    Manage their imagination. Where necessary, hold it, and where and substitution-
egni, because it - all our bliss, sometimes the very reason he
on occasion. It is - a tyrant. Not content with dreaming, interferes with activities
tion, dominates our lives, making it, on a whim, joyous
tion or painful: it relies on, we are happy or not. Home
executioner of fools, one it continually draws sorrows; others, inspiring demon-
pechnost, promises nothing but fun so enjoyable entertainment. It's on
everyone is able to, if it does not bridle understanding combined with
subtle intuition.
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