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    Nature and art, and material creation. Even the beauty of the need to help-
causeway: even appear beautiful ugliness, if not decorated artificial-
tion that removes imperfections and polish dignity. Nature throws at us
their fate - will resort to the same art! Without him, and superior on-the-
the tour will remain imperfect. Those who have no culture, in fact, and the merits of
half. From a man which had not been a good school, always giving coarse-
Bost, he had to grind myself, trying to perfection throughout.
    Act on the basis of intent, then the second, then first. Human Life
ka - the fight against human machinations. The trick is fighting, using stratagems
intention, never makes what ushers; aims so that
confuse, to distract attention subtly threatened and suddenly, where there is no waiting
reeks, constantly trying obmorochit. Reveal one decree, that carried
rit opponent thought, and then, abruptly turning, attacked by surprise and in
bezhdaet. Incisive mind, however, foresees its machinations, watching her
izpodtishka, sees contrary to what the claim at the moment learns about-
Manna course, waited the attack of the first intent is waiting for a second and even a third.
Noticing that it got to the core, insidiousness is redoubling its efforts, using
to deceive the very truth. Another game, other techniques - now the trick convent-
ditsya in clothing ingenuousness, deceit puts on a mask Chistoserdov. But
then comes the observation, guessing the far-sighted goal, whether it's under-
cause of light reveals the darkness and lays bare intent, which is the simpler the ka-
opinion that is hidden by the forest.
    The nature and manner. The essence of the case - half the battle, is as essential as
're done. Rudeness hurts everything, even fair and reasonable; peo-
beznost all brightens: pozlaschaet "no" sweetening the truth, toasty-
Vaeth even aging. In all cases it is important to "like": affability, like
Schuler, plays for sure. Bel portarse [courtesy] decorates life with
success playing the role of friendship.
    Have a reasonable aides. The advantage of those in power - the ability to
surround yourself with people of outstanding intellect, which they derive from the snares of Geneva-
the set in any difficulty for them to win the argument. Have recourse to
wise - great property. In this enlightened age - a new kind vladychest-
Islands: a servant to pay those whom nature has endowed with excellence. So multi-
first you need to know so little given to live, and life without knowledge - not life. Therefore
The great art of the one who understands the science without flour, learns much from
many to absorb the wisdom of all. Speaking at the council, he said one of
many, in the words of its broadcast all the sages of antiquity, at the cost of someone else's sweat it
Oracle finds glory. Wise assistants will select the best of all the sciences and
he will present the quintessence of knowledge. And who has the power to keep the wisdom of the
at itself in the service, let him seek it in a circle of friends.
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