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    Avoid victories over higher. Win - then call the irreducible
yazn, defeat is his master - is unwise, and even dangerous. Excellency
hodstvo hateful, much less personages prevoskhoditelnym. Who is high,
wants to reign in the highest. Their Excellencies pleasing to help, and
no superiority, they want the council to seem just a reminder
that is forgotten and not explain the fact that they do not understand.
    The mastery of his passions - the highest property greatness of spirit.
The very spirit of the hill shields the alien to lowland influences.
There is no higher power than the power on himself, on his passions than pobe-
yes over their willfulness. And if the passion still flood the personality, not yes-
Vat access to her dignity, much less high: Here's a decent way to avoid
Sorry, that's the shortest way to the fine reputation.
    Get rid of the disadvantages of your fellow countrymen. Water acquires
is good or bad qualities of the soil, in which the jet, and man -
from the edge, which will be born. Every nation, even a very enlightened,
characteristic of a natural disadvantage, usually alert to its neighbors
with a laugh, or with malice. Eradicate, or at least cover these birthmarks
spots - no small art: a man praised as an exception to the medium-
Director of his countrymen - and that is rare, it is expensive.
    Happiness and glory. However first impermanent, so the second is unchanged.
Then - for this life, this - for post-mortem, it defeats envy, this -
oblivion. Wishing happiness, sometimes reach; glory deserve. Thirst
repute generates prowess. Glory has always been and continues sister
giants, it is - companion extremes: a miracle or a monster, the subject of admiration,
tion or disgust.
    Dealing with those from whom you can learn. Let it be your association with
Friends School of knowledge and conversation - exquisitely enjoyable learning: see
Friends on both the mentors and seasoned with the benefit of the teachings of pleasure
from the conversation. Friendship reasonable mutually beneficial: who says that profit
praise of the listener, and who listens, the mind arrives at that. But usually we do about
we forget, for vanity overshadows the benefits. A prudent visits
famous men, whose house - the lists of valor, and not the abode of vanity.
The nobles educated not only the supplied example in word and deed-led
ences, but also their close circle form a certain refinement and well-academy-
op ponents of manners.
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