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The trick 3 WRITE YOUR THOUGHTS Arbitrary

Do not ignore casual feel. Capture any impressions that come to mind at this time, especially if you want to dismiss them, but that you can not. Such thoughts or impressions can often be the beginning of the first message you receive through automatic writing. That's what happened to me.


The trick is NOT STAY 4 to analyze WRITTEN

If your hand is already moving and the words fit on the paper, whether it is a coherent text or series of separate posts, do not try to evaluate them at once. Critical analysis at this stage can get you out of a meditative state or to stop the flow of energy that feeds the message. Do you have a lifetime to think about the written word, but for now just let them appear on paper.


Cunning 5 write legibly

Some people, teaching automatic writing, they say that in order to get the handle to move, you need to draw meaningless squiggles. However, I found that the removal of meaningless icons are not helping to bring out your pen out in plain language, and in fact it can hamper your progress.

Instead of icons and patterns you have to write something specific. Can, if necessary, over and over again to write their name, write the name of the spirit to which you want to apply, or write the word "write."
Make everything that will help you to write legibly with the words on paper, rather than to prescribe useless curlicues, squiggles or lines .

To this we can use up a lot of paper, before you actually start writing. In this case, especially if you are trying to automatically write the first time, it would be good to stock up in advance enough paper to have it always at hand. that matters.
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