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24.07.2013, 16:09

Inner silence. Alexei Nikolsky.

   As you know the human body is a receiver tuned to a specific frequency and allocates a certain spectrum of frequency fluctuations. Since the birth of each of us are taught to keep a continuous internal dialogue, regardless of our will, as a result of what we perceive the same range due to the syntax of our language (when someone mentions the word "table" all at once and the image of the table pops up t . etc.). And all the changed conditions that we are experiencing, but we can not describe in words automatically swept aside, and we treat them as "minor".

   In addition to the physical body, as shown, there are astral mental and possibly other body. With the help of some self-discipline, terminate the conversation with itself and related practices can shift and expand the range of frequencies and perceived to be in any of these bodies. Usually in altered states of people live a few days, although in real-time to 30 minutes. The fact that the sensations and feelings that they experienced, and the events in which they took part were so intense and saturated, in real time remembering all the things that happened to them, their brains interpreted as a time span of a few days.And so the experience gained in astral travel, then it will be problematic to correlate with the experience of everyday life.

   When reaching the range of perception of inner silence kept the dialogue stops and begins to shift. The perception is exacerbated. World is different (stops). Begins the process of accumulating the energy necessary to overcome the barrier of perception between the physical and astral bodies. Some people start to abuse this opportunity and do the right thing. After all, every man is born a traveler on the road is no place for boredom, full of danger and adventure! But for some reason some do not realize it.

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